Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tom Brady does Details

Details posted some Steven Klein of New England Patriots' quarterback, and Mr. Gisele, Tom Brady. As always Tom is displaying a nice mix of relaxed style and classic America good looks. The pictures go along with this article, which is also their most recent cover story, take a look:

To be honest I don't think this is anybody's best work. I feel as if I've seen these exact picture of this exact quarter back before. Tom Brady is not really much of a fashion icon in my book, other than the excellent street cred of being married to the, now pregnant, Giselle he doesn't really have anything to do with fashion. Sure he looks good in a suit, but I don't get even the slightest impression that he knows or cares which suit he is in. The article itself is also rather terribly written, well below the standard I expect from the publication. But if you're a die hard Brady fan give it a look/read for yourself.

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