Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jill Sander - Fall 2009

I decided to continue viewing videos of the fall 2009 collections to see how well they are translating. Here is what Jill Sander had to offer:

At first I thought that it was going to be similar to Calvin Klein, boxy and monochromatic, but then some surprising pieces came down the runway. I really like the multi-colored jackets, they are a bit much with matching pants and turtle necks but thrown over a simple V-neck and jean would look smashing. It is interesting because so far I haven't really seen those jackets come up in an editorial sections in magazines, but I'm still not too far into fall issues as I am desperately clinging on to the end of summer.

I also thought the shapes were quite interesting. The over-sized sleeves with cuffs create an unique look, it doesn't look quite right for the office but it could be a big hit at a party. Many of the jackets seem narrow at the waist but wide at the shoulders and hips, it creates a sort of oddly manly hourglass figure. Usually I think of Jil Sander as a more androgynous look, but this seems to be more of a dualism of masculine and feminine instead of a lack of gender. I think it works for individual pieces but the look is a bit too much for head to toe.

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