Friday, July 31, 2009

Basic advise is sometimes bad advice

GQ had a little article posted that I came across today about haircuts and listed the "Six things you need to know now!". And personally I found it actually only had about one piece of useful advice:

"Do go to a hair salon if you’ve got a longer, more elaborate coif.
• Don’t go to a salon if you want something standard, like a side part or a pompadour. An inexpensive barber will do.
• Do shampoo and condition your hair.
• Don’t wash it every time you shower—a couple of times a week is enough. (Your hair’s natural grease is healthy.)
• Do get a fresh cut in preparation for a big event, like a wedding.
• Don’t get it done the day before. Unless you’re Kid Cudi (see slide 4), your hair needs a week after a cut to look its best.

Items one and two are essentially one item, and pretty pointless advice if you ask me. I say always go to whomever you trust with your hair, if you want the extra papering and better magazines a salon has to offer than go there regardless of your cut. While it is a good idea to not expect a barber to know how to do more complex cuts you still should go where you feel most comfortable.

Again, items three and four make the same point. Washing and conditioning your hair is healthy, but if you are somebody that needs to be told that my guess is you are not reading GQ or this blog.

Continuing the trend five and six are for all intents and purposes the same item as well (why break the streak?) This is however, the most useful piece of advice in the article. You always want a cut to look good for a big event, but never cut the day before because there is too much risk factor. Even if you have been faithfulsly seeing the same stylist or barber for years there is always room for error and cutting the day before an event prevents any chance you may have of fixing it. If you have a big event coming up I recommend going to your same stylist 5-7 days before hand and not experimenting with any new cut, color or style. That way you will look clean, fresh and put together and can enjoy yourself without having to worry about your hair.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dude, we need to talk

Kevin Federline is in the news (well, if you count celebrity gossip as news) for his recent weight gain.

The once svelte ex-husband of Britney Spears has aparently resigned himself to a life of leisure and packed on the pounds in the process. K. Fed had cleaned up his act for a while, transforming himself from a free-loading hoodrat into a dapper young man. Last year he was making appearances at fashion week and managing to carry off some great designer suits with, dare I say, a touch of class. Now he is peddling a reality show and photographed chowing down on fatty street foods like french fries and ice-cream.
We may not know what exactly happened, personally I am leaning toward the notion that this is intentional to publize said reality show. One thing is for certain, he can now serve as a cautionary tale to the rest of us. It is entirely possible to go from a trim, toned dancers body to a doughy heavyweight in a lot less time than you might think. As his waist has grown his style has shrunk, so let this be a lesson next time you need a bit of motivation to make it to the gym.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Death by tanning

Well today I read this distressing article that says tanning in a tanning bed causes skin cancer.


Which is simply terrible news for those of us that are pigmently challenged. Tanning in a tanning bed can cause serious damage to your skin which now is more conclusively linked to cancer as well. What isn't mentioned in the article, but also remains true, is that the damage can also prematurely age you and as men we should fear anything that has "premature" in it.

Personally I do enjoy the tanning beds, especially in winter because I am pretty far north and there is not a lot of sun then. But articles like this are a good wake-up call that not everything that feels good (or makes us look good) in the sort term is good for us in the long run. Still though, the article does mention some dissenting opinions, granted from a tanning industry rep, so there may be some hope after all but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hair today gone tomorrow?

I came across this great article on head shaving in News Day where a few men tried out testing various head shaving strategies. While this is one particular style I cannot personally attest to I do think the article is an interesting read if it is a look you're considering. They even hopefully point out HeadShave which allows you to test out how you'd look with a chrome dome.

Since we are now in the thick of summer this could be the best opportunity to try it out and beat the head. Be sure to invest in some sunscreen to keep yourself from having an embarrassingly visible sunburn covering the top of your head and then enjoy the nice breeze.

Monday, July 27, 2009

A world of no Calvin Klein

I was waiting for my appointment to get a new summer haircut (it turned out well, BTW) and as I was flipping through magainzes I cam across this little gem of an ad for Calvin Klein:

Personally, I have always loved Calvin Klein because his close fit me really well, but this jacket / pants combo is completely heinous. A look this boxy is flattering on approximately 0% of the population, and the squarish plates add a ridiculous bullet proof vest quality to an already uncool looking jacket. Not to mention that this entire look seems extremely counter-intuitive to everything that is going on with fashion at the moment. It is showy and pointless in a season where all the best looks are reminiscent of classic American style and working class chic. This is just another perfect example to show you that buying a designer brand does not mean you are buying fashion. I would wager you can walk into any second hand store and find a quilted vest that is more in the moment that this designer dud

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

All the President's Jeans

So every news source is picking up this story about President Obama wearing "mom jeans"

I must say I am really wondering what the big deal. First of all, those are not "mom jeans" mainly because in order to qualify as such they would need to be women's jeans. Specifically ugly, high-waisted, unflattering, women's jeans. These are just basic, boring and somewhat ugly men's jeans.
Obama defended his jeans by saying that they were "comfortable" which we can all understand. Especially when you consider that not only does he quite literally have one of the most stressful jobs in the world, but its a job that requires he wear a suit about 29 days a month. However, it is no more or less easy to buy flattering comfortable jeans than it is to by "mom jeans". Sometimes we want or need to look our best so comfort takes a back seat. But when you are shopping for comfort you don't have to neglect style. The important thing is at the point of purchase to take into consideration everything you want out of your jeans, you don't have to sacrifice comfort for style you just may need to shop around a little more.
besides, think of the alternative:

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Coverboys: Steal Bateman's Look

The newest issue of Details found its way to my coffee table.

This is a great look to emulate, its current and classic at the same time. Also this type of look can be achieved on pretty much any budget. Two of the biggest looks of the moment are the plaid/gingham shirt and a knit tie. By selecting a tie that is in the same color scheme as the shirt you get all the benefits of a monochromatic look, without being unduly boring about it. Because this is a look that is permeating every level of fashion you should be able to make it your own at any price range. You can spend hundreds of dollars for designer labels, but you could just as easily put this together from pieces you already own or pick up second hand.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

If the T-Shirt fits....

With summer in full swing there is almost nothing more appealing than slipping on a T-shirt and heading out the door (I guess pants/shorts of some type would be good, but hey I don't know your business). However, with the varieties of options available finding a great summer t-shirt can be a challenge. You've got to consider the look you want to achieve, the fit options available and find it in the right size. Here are some great tips for finding the right one for you:
  • Decide the look you're going for, before you look for the shirt. Last summer 80's graphic T's were all the rage, but this year the economy has shifted and brought back a few good trends: the classic look (bonus points for actually being a classic and not just looking like one) old-school logos, vintage TV or nostalgic products. The other option making a huge comeback is the basic look, solid colors with maybe a simple ringed collar. Both these looks capture what's great about a t-shirt, effecting an effortless cool.
  • Am I summer or a winter? Thankfully as men we never really had to suffer through the "Color me beautiful" era of the 80's. The seasonal shifts however can make a big change in the colors you choose. If you're somebody who is able to get a tan easily the same colors you choose all winter might no longer be flattering in summer. I wear darker olive and plum tones in winter but in summer go for brighter reds and blues
  • FIT FIT FIT the fit of your t-shirt is most important. Most of the time people will either go too big or too tight, ideally you want one that fits your body. If you want to go for an over-sized look it should be pretty easy to find one to suit your needs, but if something more fitted is your interest it can be harder. The reason that a perfect fit is key is because it will always be the most flattering option. Most of us don't have perfect bodies and wearing a shirt that is too tight will make all of your flaws more apparent, but a shirt that is too big can make you look sloppy. If you really like something, ignore the size on the label and just try on several until you find one that fits. Once when I wanted a band t-shirt I am not ashamed to admit I tried it on in seven different size mediums to find the one that looked right, though I am ashamed to admit that band may have been the Spice Girls.

Just remember the best thing about finding a great t-shirt is that when any number of summer activities comes up you can just throw it on over some jeans and head out for some fun!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gentleman's Sport

Tennis is my favorite sport to watch, it's exciting, takes great athleticism, loved the world over...but mostly I like it because it's classy. Watching the Wimbledon finale you'd be hard pressed to think of a sport with better dressed players. Be it Andy Roddick and his sporty Lacoste, Tommy Haas in a more modern K-Swiss or Roger Federer in a classic looking Nike. The boys know how to dress to impress. Instead of everybody on a team having to wear the same, ugly, jerseys the players are able to cultivate something of a personal style. While some may go too far, a hideous leather clad Serena Williams comes to mind, for the most part everybody looks good. While Wimbledon does limit everybody to mostly white, at other events little more personal style is in order.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July

America's birthday is upon us; fireworks, BBQ and beer. We celebrate the rights and freedoms we have and enjoy all the benefits of summer. Whether it is a day at the beach, soaking up the sun; an old-fashioned cookout with hamburgers, coleslaw, chips and jello-salad; laying in the grass watching fireworks explode above. July brings the heart of the summer, the best this land has to offer so make the most of it. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

4th of July can mean sun, fun and good times or it can be a sad, sweaty, bloated mess. We've all been to the family get together, ran into that red faced, bug bitten, beer swilling uncle who doesn't seem to realize his sunburned gut is hanging out of his too small flag t-shirt and expanding by the minute. Nobody wants to be that guy. That guy doesn't want to be that guy. So what can you do to avoid being an embarrassment? The key is to plan ahead, here are some helpful tips for 4th of July and the rest of summer:

  • If you're going to dress patriotically, that's great but there is a wrong and right way to do it. Don't be the one in bad cut-offs, a screaming eagle t-shirt and star spangled visor...that will make people want to avoid you. Start simple, choose American designers and wear something classic. Blue jeans are the true American classic, pair them with a simple red or blue polo and you show your spirit without going overboard. Alternatively a nice crisp white shirt looks great paid with red or blue plaid shorts.

  • Many of us workout rigorously for weeks (months!) before summer to get in swimsuit shape. If you've taken the time to watch what your eat, run the few extra miles and find more time for crunches don't blow it on one BBQ. Stay away from anything labeled "salad" that is really just code for "covered in fatty, high caloric mayonnaise based dressing". Go for something meaty and then fresh fruits and veggies, chips and salsa are also a healthy snack. Not to go all Atkins on you but steak or steak & veggie kabob are better than a burger with bun, cheese, ketchup, mustard.

  • If you're starting your day early, start it off right. Apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before leaving the house. Have a bottle of water, these holidays can get long so start hydrated and you'll benefit later on. Pack an extra shirt to take with you, just in case of emergencies there's nothing worse than having to wear a wine or Kool-Aid stain all day.

  • Throwing up your Samuel Adams isn't exactly the best way to remember our forefathers, be classy and pace yourself.

Have fun, be safe, be fabulous

Friday, July 3, 2009


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