Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fall Fashion Flashback?

I saw the website was up for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and started thinking about how funny the timing of fashion week seems in the age of youtube. Designers works for a year to plan a collection and put on a show of clothes that are intended to be work six months in the future. Fashion is something current and changing, but the clothes we buy are from designs that are a year old by the time they get to stores. So now that it finally is fall 2009 I looked up some videos of the collections that debuted last spring to see how well they translate now.

Minimalist, monochromatic, colorless this collection seems really typical of Calvin Klein. I always like Calvin Klein clothes in reality, but his presentation is just always the same. The silhouettes a little too boxy which gives everything a really stiff feel. I will say I do dig the music though, but I don't quite see what its connection to the clothes is. I greatly prefer what Gucci had to offer instead.

I like the different materials and the slim cut look of their suits. Gucci is known for a dark, slick and edgy look and this does not disappoint. The accessories really add a great rock-n-roll touch to the look, but suggest that if dressed differently a very different feel could be achieved. Also that purple striped shirt just screams Chuck Bass to me, and that's never a bad thing.

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