Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Big Belly Weekend

No lie, I saw this specific article from New York Times referenced no less than 6 times this weekend. The basic premise is that the biggest trend among hipster guys is having a pot belly, as a reaction against the demands for physical perfection that have dominated for the past decade.

I'm not completely sure how I feel about it, I am always turned off by anything that suggests a physical characteristic could become a fashion statement. I know some people will obviously want to embrace a trend that lets them off the hook for gym time, and if that is what you want more power to you. But whether the body part trend of the moment is shoulders (as the instructors at my gym claimed this spring) or pot bellies it still seems somewhat dangerous of a notion to try and alter your body to fit specifics that are "in". And even worse if your motivation is, as the article implies, a reaction against a president who is both successful and in shape.

That being said, I personally am finding this article to be well timed as I had an overly packed, extended weekend filled with food, fun and drink. So at least for a few days until I get back into a regular routine of eating right and getting a healthy amount of exercise I'll take comfort that my little belly is hip right now. After all, it would be somewhat hypocritical given my statements above to bust my butt to loose the gut just because I prefer the opposite of the trendy pot belly. So I'll enjoy my workout, but won't sweat drinking that beer later on.

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