Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Environmentalism is in this fall

You know your idyllic summer is drawing to a close when even the most innocent of news scans bring up Fall Fashion. I came across this article from Conducive detailing some of the bigger trends that are emerging for menswear this fall.

I especially love that the focus is on using recyclable and sustainable options. While I tend to go for something a bit more stylish than the American Apparel referenced in the article the idea is still a good one. Now that the public at large is more aware of the pressing need more environmentally conscience it seems that designers are following in step. The notion that fashion doesn't need to be disposable is a good one. Personally I tend to fall a bit on the other side of the spectrum and never throw anything away. Whenever a piece still fits and is in good shape I will pack it away and wait for the trend to come back. If I grow out of something it goes to the donation pile and if something wears out I break it down for rags or try and find other uses for it. Every little step helps!

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