Monday, July 27, 2009

A world of no Calvin Klein

I was waiting for my appointment to get a new summer haircut (it turned out well, BTW) and as I was flipping through magainzes I cam across this little gem of an ad for Calvin Klein:

Personally, I have always loved Calvin Klein because his close fit me really well, but this jacket / pants combo is completely heinous. A look this boxy is flattering on approximately 0% of the population, and the squarish plates add a ridiculous bullet proof vest quality to an already uncool looking jacket. Not to mention that this entire look seems extremely counter-intuitive to everything that is going on with fashion at the moment. It is showy and pointless in a season where all the best looks are reminiscent of classic American style and working class chic. This is just another perfect example to show you that buying a designer brand does not mean you are buying fashion. I would wager you can walk into any second hand store and find a quilted vest that is more in the moment that this designer dud

1 comment:

Paul Smith said...

I kind of like it. It's a bit like a bad sci-fi movie from the 50's.

It's not something to wear, but it's something to smile at.