Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gentleman's Sport

Tennis is my favorite sport to watch, it's exciting, takes great athleticism, loved the world over...but mostly I like it because it's classy. Watching the Wimbledon finale you'd be hard pressed to think of a sport with better dressed players. Be it Andy Roddick and his sporty Lacoste, Tommy Haas in a more modern K-Swiss or Roger Federer in a classic looking Nike. The boys know how to dress to impress. Instead of everybody on a team having to wear the same, ugly, jerseys the players are able to cultivate something of a personal style. While some may go too far, a hideous leather clad Serena Williams comes to mind, for the most part everybody looks good. While Wimbledon does limit everybody to mostly white, at other events little more personal style is in order.

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