Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Death by tanning

Well today I read this distressing article that says tanning in a tanning bed causes skin cancer.


Which is simply terrible news for those of us that are pigmently challenged. Tanning in a tanning bed can cause serious damage to your skin which now is more conclusively linked to cancer as well. What isn't mentioned in the article, but also remains true, is that the damage can also prematurely age you and as men we should fear anything that has "premature" in it.

Personally I do enjoy the tanning beds, especially in winter because I am pretty far north and there is not a lot of sun then. But articles like this are a good wake-up call that not everything that feels good (or makes us look good) in the sort term is good for us in the long run. Still though, the article does mention some dissenting opinions, granted from a tanning industry rep, so there may be some hope after all but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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