Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hair today gone tomorrow?

I came across this great article on head shaving in News Day where a few men tried out testing various head shaving strategies. While this is one particular style I cannot personally attest to I do think the article is an interesting read if it is a look you're considering. They even hopefully point out HeadShave which allows you to test out how you'd look with a chrome dome.

Since we are now in the thick of summer this could be the best opportunity to try it out and beat the head. Be sure to invest in some sunscreen to keep yourself from having an embarrassingly visible sunburn covering the top of your head and then enjoy the nice breeze.

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beefpiebear said...

Bald is a huge trend - whether you're an ex-con, tatoo'd biker, or.. a linoleum salesman. At this Manscaping Tips and Tools site there's a new category of BALDING CLIPPERS designed for Ultra-Close cuts without some of the sloppy wet nicks of bare blade noodle shaving.